Who is Anna Richenda, Anyway?

6 April, 05:18 PM

Volcano Mama!

I am Anna Richenda, hello! I am a resident of the American Pacific Northwest where we get lots of English-y rain and flowering Rhododendrons. Many things here grow just as they like, all you have to do is plant them. My Rhoddies, frankly, are out of control and I love them for it.

Photo by Nathan Fairhurst. All rights reserved.

I love religious history. (For real.) It’s really interesting to try to get your mitts into it and try to get a sense of how and why religion and religious expression has mattered to people since the neolithic.

In addition to history, I love story. I love looking at the encounter between the human and the divine. We all kind of totter in the middle between Love and catastrophe. That creates a lot of struggle, a lot of sin, a lot of suffering, and a whole lot of wiggling around trying to make some sense of it. I like to stand at the center and puzzle it out.

And then I like to take a breather and maybe read Jane Austen! I like Typhoo tea, Vietnamese green tea, and my husband’s low-milk lattes. I like a soft Canadian Brie on a crisp baguette with cucumber and watercress. I like the movies Waking Ned Devine and Soft Fruit and Independence Day and Evolution. And my favorite book is The Hermits and Anchorites of England by Rotha Mary Clay. (For real.)

Most of the time I write and study and write some more. My kids are (almost) all grown up. I have two three cats. And I live within sight of three volcanoes: Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Jefferson. They are constant reminders that life is ferocious, fragile, and magnificent.

Anna Richenda